Life is like an enormous mountain we can never reach the peak of no matter how much we climb. It’s a steep road full of obstacles which we can only overcome if we continue climbing.  We carry baggage filled with things good and bad.  If you learn to let go of the bad things, it will be easier for you to climb.  Don’t let anyone else put their things in your bag.  If you can help a friend that is having a much harder time climbing than you are, don’t think twice, surely in another moment you will find yourself exhausted and someone will help you.  If along the way someone pushed you and you fall, do whatever you must to get up and continue on.  You can do it.  Don’t stay down, complaining.   The sooner you begin to continue on, the sooner the pain goes away.  Never believe that you’ve reached the top, it simply doesn’t exist. Believing you’re there will kill you.  If you think you’re ascending the wrong mountain: come down and look for the right one.  Each one of us should find our own path to follow, no matter how long it may take.  The important thing is knowing you’re on the right track.  If you’re standing in front of the mountain, thinking how hard it will be to climb it with a smile on your face, that’s the sign you’ve been waiting for.  That is your mountain to climb.  Don’t choose the mountain that only rewards you with material possessions, it won’t be of much use. When you’ve been at it for some time, look for that which makes you feel good about yourself.  The road will be tough but in it you’ll find marvelous treasures that will give you the will to continue onward. 

Yesterday I received one of these gifts that told me to carry on, to believe in what I do.

Four years ago I made the decision to become a wedding photographer.  Some time after I discovered Rangefinder and year after year I saw some of my favorite photographers featured on there.  I dreamed that someday I’d be a Rangefinder photographer too, although it was something I saw far out of reach.  It would be almost impossible to be selected among thousands of photographers with incredible talent from all over the world.

Yesterday they published the list of the 30 Rising Stars Of Wedding Photography 2016 and I’m on it!

These last few years have been really hard and I often find myself doubting if what I’m doing is good or if I should be doing more.  Your head doesn’t stop thinking and it’s exhausting, but news like this gives you the reassurance you need to believe in yourself, in your work, in what you’re doing, the will to carry on and forget all of the bad.

I’d like to take a moment to thank all of the people I’ve met along the way that have helped me to be a better photographer, and above all, a better person.  Thank you for helping me live this dream of mine!

I love you all!