I’ve been following the fantastic work of Mi Tándem for some time now, so when they asked me to collaborate I didn’t think twice.   The ideas that they shared with me were incredible and the final product even more so!!

Thank you Ruth for believing in me and my work, I can only hope this was the first collaboration of many.

The following text was written by Ruth after I asked her to write something that defined the session we did together.

Black sand, rocks, cliffs, waves, the smell of salt, a fresh breeze that invites you to be free.

Perhaps the word that best defines this day is exactly that : FREE.  Freedom to dream, to enjoy intimacy, to separate ourselves from conventionalism, to dare to do something we’ve always wanted to.

This bohemian spirit can be felt all throughout this wedding : in the decore, the clothing, the flowers and, above all, the love, the looks, the laughs and the joy that can only be felt when we a true to ourselves.  There isn’t anything that gives you more freedom than dreams and there isn’t anything more free than the ocean.

Location: Buenavista del norte, Tenerife
Decor: Mi Tándem
Clothing: Rodrigo Piñeiro
Headdress: Lucía Be
Couple: Milena y Diego
Paper goods: Julietta Limón

Pablo Béglez Elopement ideas in Spain