During the first few years working as a wedding photographer I talked a lot about how incredible my job was, or how fortunate I was being able to do what I truly loved.  I spent a lot of time only talking about the good parts of my job and rarely mentioned the parts that aren’t so good.  I’m a simple man that enjoys the simple things in life.  I enjoy spending time with my family and friends, taking a stroll along the beach, grabbing a beer in any old plaza while listening bits of conversations that are going on all around me.  Simple things like sleeping in my bed wrapped up in my down comforter, or trying out a super Master Chef recipe while Judit tells me not to leave the kitchen dirty.

All these things that I have less time for now because most of my time is spent away from home.
When I finish this season I will have traveled to more than 12 countries, some on more than one occasion, and I’ll be so ready for some time at home doing the little things that I so love.  Whenever I get a wedding inquiry I’m incredibly excited but I must admit that when Lukas wrote to me I couldn’t believe it.  I met him only three years ago but he’s someone very special and I knew his wedding would be, too.  Normally when you think Iceland you think of all the typical scenery, the well known tourist spots.  Lukas and Lena’s wedding wasn’t that.  It was a very intimate gathering of family and friends brimming with emotion.
I’m going to share the text I wrote the day after their wedding that summarizes perfectly how I felt.
“I have been trying since Wednesday to write something to accompany this photo. I normally have a hard time writing and this time it’s even harder.  Today it’s not just about how beautiful the photos are, the incredible colors, the poses or the idyllic place. It’s about emotions, about love and about friendship. This is what you feel when you photograph the wedding of someone special and you have to hide behind your camera to cry while you try not to miss a moment. When your tears fog your viewfinder and you are so grateful to be capturing these moments. When I think of this experience, thousands of thoughts run through my head that I try to put into words but I can’t. Explaining what I really experienced on Wednesday is impossible.
Thank you Lukas and Lena for letting me be a part of your story, I love you.”