For years I wondered what was that kind of factory at the side of the highway. I got very curious, so I went to see it. When I arrived I loved it, it was like a scene from Mad Max: a stone crusher plant. Then I had to explain the couple that the photos would take place there. For a moment I thought the place was not the most appropriate for a couple, but I just love industrial spaces … When I told Alejandro, he absolutely agreed. Whenever you start shooting you know it’ll take a while to connect with the couple, but in this case, it was immediate, after the first photo I knew it would be an amazing session. We ended covered in dust, so we decided to finish the session at the beach.
I’m looking forward to the wedding day, it will be great. Guys, thank you!. I feel I’ve made new friends.

Pablo Béglez fotógrafo de boda en Canarias.