Last year I had the opportunity to fulfill one of my dreams, which was to do Route 66 (or part of it in this case).  Route 66 is mythical, and I’ve been wanting to do it forever.  One of the stops along the route was the city of San Francisco, a city I was excited to see.  I’d been told before that San Francisco is one of the cities in the United States that most resembles Europe.
Only having a few days to spend there we had to make the most of it and hit all the touristy spots.  We rented a car, driving all over the city, and of course, visited the famous Golden Gate Bridge.  For anyone who has never been to San Francisco I recommend it.  For a lot of people New York comes to mind when thinking of the USA, but each city has it’s own character and holds something special.   For San Francisco, it was the kindness of the people that really impressed me.  And, I loved Bubba Gump.
When I was in San Francisco I saw that Andrea David was also there, so I messaged her to meet up.  Just as I wrote to her she was headed to do a photoshoot with this couple and invited me to come along.  Without thinking twice I grabbed my camera and went to meet up with them.
I’d love to return to San Francisco, hopefully soon, and if it’s for a wedding, even better.