Some days ago, 1t Unionwep 2013 results were published. I was looking forward to participate so I, as always, had to hurry up the last day be there in time. It was very interesting, in this case it was made by categories (prewedding, preparations, details, ceremony, portrait, celebration, photojournalism, coverage, b&w y full wedding). It’s not fair to say it now, but the category that catched my attention the most was the full wedding. I always say I don’t shoot single photos but telling stories and it’s so hard for me to choose contest pictures. this category allowed me, very briefly though, (just 15 photos) to tell a little story. After some doubts, I finally choose Luna & Andrew’s wedding.
Last thursday, while shooting some pics, I received some congratulations messages without knowing why. Logged on Facebook to see what was happening. the results were published si I quickly started to watch the video showing the winning pictures. Categories passed and nothing… not a single picture shooted by me. It was the turn for the portraits and… puff, one award-winning picture (I understood this were the congratulations for)!  The greatest surprise was when my wedding was selected as the best one. This wedding was shared here some months ago, today I reupload it with the 15 chosen pictures. My congratulations also to all colleagues, the level was really high.